Champloo Series 3: Don't Be Afraid to Crash

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I'm falling out the sky of this reality. Other times I'm racing ridiculously fast on what appears to be an endless highway. To my surprise the horizon line has a shadow in its crease. I know the only way to freedom is forward. The idea of sanctum becomes a wall. Usually a pretty picture. Do I slow down? If I did my impact wouldn't be as severe but I might survive the crash. Do I speed up? What if the wall was figurative and the only thing slowing my success was fear of not reaching that point? If the wall is real, I would go up in flames with my hopes, dreams and aspirations. As I gripped the wheel and analyzed all the external possibilities, I was able to understand that the only thing you can control is your fear of not knowing the outcome of your efforts. Don't be afraid to crash

Shot and directed by GOODWIN